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Electric hair removal

The aim of hair removal is to destroy the cells responsible for hair regrowth. The technique involves sliding a fine needle through the pilosebaceous follicle to the bulb, transmitting a destructive electric current.
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Electric hair removal at Clinique Adonis

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Because the laser and flash lamp technique has limitations in terms of hair color (white or very light) and skin color (very dark or black), the adonis clinic also offers the electric hair removal. It can be used to treat any person, any area and any type of hair all year round, as well as to complete the in-depth treatment of stubborn hair that has already been treated by laser or flash lamp.


It's always necessary to make several passes or sessions, as the length of the hair cycle must be taken into account. In fact, between each session, we observe not the regrowth of treated hairs, but the growth of other follicles.

Duration: Varies according to the area to be treated: from 20 min for the face to 2 hours over a large surface (legs).

To find out whether this method is right for you, don't hesitate to make an appointment, consultation is free!


Advantages :
No inconvenience
Risk-free technology

Disadvantages: This is a time-consuming and somewhat sensitive method, but less painful today thanks to the application of a local anaesthetic and improved equipment on which the intensity and time of passage of the current can be very precisely adjusted. Scabbing may persist for up to 2 or 3 weeks. Exposure to the sun is not recommended.


They are excellent when treated long enough (12 to 18 months) due to the hair cycle. All areas of the body can be treated

Price : CHF 150 per hour