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Nutrition Consultation

Based on biological analyses, our Geneva nutritionist proposes the nutritional formula best suited to your specific needs. Personalized management of your nutritional problems and specific support for athletes.
From CHF 220.00

Nutrition consultation at Clinique Adonis

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- Weight gain, chronic fatigue, difficult digestion, lack of energy, food allergies

- Program: At your first appointment, biological analyses will be performed to identify any deficiencies or metabolic dysfunctions, which the nutritionist will use as the basis for a fully personalized nutritional assessment.

Follow-up appointments will help you achieve your goals quickly and with confidence.

Analyses are covered by your basic health insurance. The nutritionist's services are covered by your supplementary health insurance.

ASCA-certified nutritionist, reimbursed by most complementary health insurance plans


The nutrition consultation is a case-by-case process, depending on each patient's wishes, availability and the advice given by our specialists.



Rates: 2 consultations at 220 CHF - and the following at 180 CHF