Transform your face with bichectomy at Clinique Adonis! Discover how this procedure can refine your cheeks and enhance your features. Trust our cosmetic surgery experts for natural, harmonious results.
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Bichectomy at Clinique Adonis

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Located in the heart of Geneva, the Clinique Adonis offers a luxurious and secure setting for all your aesthetic procedures.

Specializing in bichectomy, our team of experienced surgeons uses advanced techniques to ensure natural, harmonious results.

With over 30 years' experience, we are committed to providing you with a personalized experience that meets all your expectations.

What is a bichectomy?

Bichectomy is a surgical procedure to remove Bichat's balls, fatty deposits located in the cheeks. This process refines the face, hollows the cheeks and enhances the cheekbones. The operation is performed under local anaesthetic and takes around 20 to 30 minutes per side.


Why choose bichectomy?

This procedure is ideal for those who wish to refine their face without resorting to invasive procedures. It is particularly popular among people who desire a more sculpted face and more defined features.


Who can benefit from Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is recommended for people who wish to reduce the roundness of their cheeks for a more mature, defined appearance. However, it is essential to consult our surgeons to assess whether this technique is appropriate for you, based on your facial structure and aesthetic goals.


The process at Clinique Adonis

At Clinique Adonis, we are committed to providing a first-class cosmetic surgery experience. Prior to surgery, our surgeons consult with each patient to understand their goals and assess their expectations. Bichectomy is performed in our modern, secure facilities, ensuring a rapid and comfortable recovery.


After the operation

Recovery from bichectomy is relatively rapid. Patients can usually resume their normal activities within a few days of surgery. Our specialists provide detailed post-operative instructions to ensure optimal healing and lasting results.


Bichectomy is a quick and easy procedure, performed under local anaesthetic. After an initial consultation to assess your goals and health status, our surgeon will make a small incision inside your mouth to access the Bichat balls. The fatty deposits are then carefully removed, leaving no visible scars. The procedure generally takes between 20 and 30 minutes per side. Once the procedure is complete, you can return home the same day. Post-operative follow-up is essential to ensure rapid healing and optimal results.



  • Refining the face: Bichectomy results in a slimmer, more sculpted face.
  • Quick procedure: The procedure takes about an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic.
  • Fast recovery: Patients can resume their normal activities within a few days.
  • Lasting results: The effects of bichectomy are permanent, as the Bichat balls do not regenerate.


  • Surgical risks: As with any surgical procedure, there are risks of infection, bleeding and reactions to anesthesia.
  • Initial swelling: Slight swelling is common after surgery, but usually disappears within a few days.



The results of bichectomy start to become visible a few weeks after the procedure, once the initial swelling has subsided. Patients notice a slimmer face and more defined cheekbones, with a noticeable improvement in facial structure. Results are permanent, offering lasting satisfaction to those seeking to refine their appearance.


At Clinique Adonis, we offer bichectomy at a competitive rate of 1,900 CHF. This cost includes the initial consultation, the surgical procedure, and the necessary post-operative care. We are committed to providing excellent value for money, with high-quality care delivered by our experienced cosmetic surgeons.