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Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is cosmetic eye surgery designed to improve the visual field and appearance of the eyelids. Blepharoplasty is performed on the upper or lower eyelids, usually under general anesthesia.
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Visit blepharoplastyor eyelid surgeryis a aesthetic eye surgery to improve the visual field and appearance of the eyelids. Eyelid surgery is performed on the upper or lower eyelids, usually under general anaesthetic. Before the operation, an ophthalmological check-up is carried out to verify the condition of the eyeball. After the operation, the wearing of sunglasses is recommended. Blepharoplasty corrects excess skin around the eyelids, which can impede vision.

Three types of intervention define blepharoplasty :

  • Fat excision
  • Shortening of the orbicularis muscle
  • Redraping the skin

Depending on the morphology of your eyelid, the surgeon will define the technique best suited to you. This operation is quick and easy to perform.

This surgical operation is performed on either the upper or lower eyelid, and generally does not require hospitalization - an outpatient admission is sufficient. The post-operative course of this type of plastic surgery is generally straightforward, with little pain, swelling and bruising that disappear within 1 to 2 weeks. Blepharoplasty corrects eyelid drooping due to excess skin that can occur with aging, rejuvenating the eyes and face. This excess skin causes unpleasant heaviness in the upper eyelid and wrinkles in the lower eyelid. Surgical intervention tightens the skin and re-establishes a correct eye opening, improving the visual field and the appearance of the eyes.

Male or female, the Adonis clinic to make your own blepharoplasty in Geneva in Switzerland, contact us for an initial consultation.


Each surgeon adopts his or her own technique for the blepharoplasty and adapts it to each individual case to achieve the best results. However, there are a number of basic principles common to this approach surgical operation :
Skin incisions :
- Upper eyelids: concealed in the furrow halfway up the eyelid, between the mobile and fixed parts of the eyelid.
- Lower eyelids: positioned 1 to 2 mm below the eyelashes, and may extend slightly outwards. Note: For the lower eyelids, in the case of isolated "bags" (without excess skin to be removed), a transconjunctival blepharoplasty can be performed, i.e. using incisions placed inside the eyelids, leaving no scar on the skin.

From these incisions, unsightly fat hernias are removed, and the excess muscle and loose skin are suppressed́. At this stage, numerous techniques can be brought in, to suit each case and according to the surgeon's habits. Usually sutures are non-absorbable (to be removed after a few days).
Two methods:
1- If the surgeon is only treating bags under the eyes without significant skin slackening, the practitioner chooses the conjunctival approach, which hides the incision on the inner mucosa of the eyelid. In this case, no external scar is visible. By applying pressure to the eye, the fat balls are pushed out, reducing the puffy appearance.
2 - The surgeon first removes the fat and then the excess skin, as well as the tissues under the skin to preserve a small muscular flap. The skin is then re-draped to reduce crow's feet wrinkles or fine lines under the eyes.

Duration: Depending on the surgeon, the number of eyelids to be operated on, the extent of the improvements to be made and the possible need for additional procedures, the procedure can last from half an hour to two hours.


Advantages: Fast, reduces signs of aging.
In most cases, the operation will have corrected sagging skin and removed fatty hernias, thus rectifying the aged, tired look of the eyes.

Disadvantages: Edema for 4 to 5 days, visual disturbances.
Imperfect results can result from a misunderstanding of what can reasonably be expected. This is the case with forehead sagging and eyebrow drooping, which can only be corrected by a temporal lift. They can also occur as a result of unexpected tissue reactions or unusual scarring phenomena, leading to a slight downward retraction of the lower eyelids, a slight asymmetry or scars that are a little too "white".
If they do not disappear over time, these imperfections can be corrected by a touch-up procedure, usually performed under local anaesthetic, starting 6 months after the initial operation.


Result: The eyes look more rested, and the person is visibly ten years younger. It takes 3 to 6 months to really appreciate the results. This is the time needed for tissues to regain their suppleness and for scars to fade as much as possible.

Price: from CHF 2,800