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Cryo-lipolysis is based on a long-standing observation: fat cells - adipocytes - are more sensitive to cold than other cells in the body... even though they are supposed to protect us from it! At the end of the 19th century, for example, it was observed that horsewomen riding in winter, no longer in the "Amazon" position but astride a horse like men, showed depressions on their thighs linked to a relative melting of the adipose panniculus, i.e. the subcutaneous fat. When exposure to the cold was linked to this phenomenon, they were advised to wear suitable clothing, which became known as... saddlebags.
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Apoptosis, or the programmed natural death of a cell

Since then, scientific research has helped to explain this phenomenon: under the influence of a very specific exposure (in duration and intensity) cold, of particular duration and intensity, combined with significant pressure, and provided the superficial layers of the skin were protected, specific apoptosis of adipocytes occurred. Apoptosis is the natural, theoretically programmed death of a cell, with each cell in the human body having a defined lifespan. The lifespan of epidermal cells, for example, is very short (30 days), in contrast to that of adipocytes, which is very long, lasting almost a lifetime, rather like our nerve cells, the neurons.

With this in mind, a group of medical engineers at Boston's prestigious Wellman Institute developed cryo-lipolysis, which reproduces this phenomenon on localized fat deposits. It has been used in France for several years. 


An oval-shaped silicone applicator is applied to the area to be treated. It contains transducers that extract heat from the unwanted fat bulge. The adipocytes, which are the only cells sensitive to this cold exposure, will react by going into "apoptosis", i.e. by "committing suicide" naturally and progressively, over the following weeks. For a moderate bulge, one session lasting one hour is usually sufficient to obtain satisfactory results two to three months later. If the bulge is more pronounced, a second session may be proposed, as the result is incomplete.

The cryo-lipolysis session is virtually painless, although an unpleasant sensation is felt for the first few minutes, linked to the suction pad that traps the fat pad and exposes it between the heat extractors, followed by a sensation of cold that disappears within a few minutes. An initial consultation enables us to establish the indication, to see whether it's feasible or not, and to assess the area to be treated. After the session, no treatment is required, and the patient can immediately resume his or her social and professional activities. After the session, no treatment is required, and the patient can immediately resume his or her social and professional activities.

Duration: about 1 hour


Advantages :

Reduces fat rolls

No side effects

Disadvantages :

Not all areas can be treated at the same time. For the first few minutes, there is an unpleasant pinch.

It is not a treatment for obesity.



Good results are achieved on small volumes.

Price :

800 CHF - per session.